Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Consi wins in PK shootout thriller in Brikjian Cup final

From the Consi Tribune
Consi won the Brikjian Cup in a thriller today against Saljbrikjia at Wuster National Stadium in Wuster, Saljbrikia. Consi won 2-2 (win in PK shootout).

After advancing to the final Sunday the stage was set for the two teams to play. Ajbrikjia, after a amazing victory over Consi in the final last year did not even make it close to getting into this year's final.

The match started out slow, but David Marland of Saljbrikjia struck first, scoring after a perfect upper 90 shot in the 39th minute. In the 65th minute Oscar Reed a forward Consi was red carded after he received his second yellow card. Consi struck back in the 74th minute when Alexander Reslyn scored and again in the 79th minute with a score by Hans Eyd. Just as it looked like Consi would win Gerard Saceer scored in the 88th minute, tying the score at 2 all. Extra time went scoreless, and the game was all down to a penalty kick shootout. In an intense finale both teams scored all 5 kicks, but Consi prevailed when Hans Eyd scored, and Saljbrikjia failed to come up with a return score.

This is Consi's 16th victory in the Brikjian Cup since the football tournament began in 1971.

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