Monday, January 25, 2010

Two killed in police raid in Arali

From the Consi Tribune
Two were killed as police raided a townhouse in Arali that was housing 15 weapons traffickers. Police stormed the building at 4:30 AM. As the police commandos were entering the house they were fired upon by two of the traffickers with AK-47s. The commandos shot the men, and went on to arrest the remaining criminals. Seven of these men were previously wanted, but the others were not wanted.

The weapons traffickers were believed to be delivering weapons to rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the militia in Megablokland.

Police also impounded three planes parked at Consi-Arali International Airport (CAI) that were filled with guns, explosives, and ammunition. The townhouse was only 3 kilometers from the airport and it is suspected that the traffickers were only staying overnight before leaving for Africa and Megablokland.

Further information on the weapons traffickers is classified and currently being investigated by the police.

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