Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Inter-Island High Speed Rail Opens

From the Consi Tribune
A new high speed rail opened today after 5 years of construction. The rail connects all 3 countries in the Brikjian Isle, and stops in most major cities.

The idea was brought up in 2002 by then Ajbrikjian Minister of Transport Michael Forn and all three governments quickly approved of the project. After almost 3 years of planning, the construction started in 2005. The project was delayed in 2006 and 2007 due to economic problems, but started again as the economy healed just as the recession hit hard in the United States.

From Consi City, the rail stops in Arali, then crosses into Saljbrikjia, stopping in Darir, Wuster, and Palentino. After that the rail crosses into Ajbrikjia stopping in Reaoe, and then crosses into Consi, stopping at Olto and Resiburg.

The rail will help with the Resiburg 2011 Lego Nations Olympics, ferrying people from all over the Brikjian Isle, and other spectators from Consi - Arali International Airport to Resiburg.

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