Saturday, March 13, 2010

Resiburg Stadium Finished

From Resiburg 2011
Resiburg Stadium was officially declared open today after almost 2 years of construction.

Construction finished late last week, but the opening of it was postponed due to heavy rain and snow around the Resiburg area. The stadium will be used by AC Resiburg for one season, and then will close down to be fitted with equipment for the Olympic opening ceremonies and closing ceremonies. After the Olympics it will be used by AC Resiburg.

At the opening of the stadium was chairman of the Consian Olympic Committee Robert Olluy, mayor of Resiburg Jean Flasnick, and many members of the Resiburg Olympic Organizing Committee. At the end of the ceremony , the Olympic flag was raised.

Article on the Resiburg 2011 website.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nistel Inc. of Bricktania opens European HQ in Consi City

Today, Nistel Inc. of Brickitania opened its European headquarters in Consi City, near Piazza Celghain.

The company has paired with Air Consi Cargo and several freight companies which will handle distributing the goods throughout Europe.