Monday, January 25, 2010

Two killed in police raid in Arali

From the Consi Tribune
Two were killed as police raided a townhouse in Arali that was housing 15 weapons traffickers. Police stormed the building at 4:30 AM. As the police commandos were entering the house they were fired upon by two of the traffickers with AK-47s. The commandos shot the men, and went on to arrest the remaining criminals. Seven of these men were previously wanted, but the others were not wanted.

The weapons traffickers were believed to be delivering weapons to rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the militia in Megablokland.

Police also impounded three planes parked at Consi-Arali International Airport (CAI) that were filled with guns, explosives, and ammunition. The townhouse was only 3 kilometers from the airport and it is suspected that the traffickers were only staying overnight before leaving for Africa and Megablokland.

Further information on the weapons traffickers is classified and currently being investigated by the police.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Air Consi flight 234 emergency lands in Zurich

From the Consi Tribune
Air Consi flight 234 from Consi to Frankfurt emergency landed in Zurich after a jet engine on the Lego Aeronautical Systems L-3181 caught on fire. Upon landing, the fire was quickly put out by firefighters on the ground. All passengers and crew were evacuated safely.

Flight 234 took off 9:10 PM local time. While entering Swiss airspace, the engine caught fire. The pilot Captain Hans Durmand quickly maneuvered the plane with one engine to Zurich Kloten Airport, the nearest airport where the plane could land. Fire trucks met the plane on the ground putting out the fire in the engine.

Passenger David Ross explained what he experienced. "We were flying and all the sudden there was a loud 'bang!' A couple seconds later the pilot came on and said we would be making an emergency landing. You could smell the smoke coming in from the flaming jet. So the flight attendants got everyone from the back of the plane to empty seats in the front."

The plane named "Arali" registration CO-AIY sustained heavy damage to the right engine minimal damage to the rear, and will fly again. It is confirmed that the cause of the fire was because bearings on the rotor of the jet failed causing gas to build up, making the jet explode. Air Consi spokesman Emanuel Redd said the incident could have been avoided, and a routine maintenance check would have detected the problem.

CO-AIY is currently at Zurich and is scheduled to be flown back to Consi on an Antanov AN-124 on January 27. This is the first ever incident for Air Consi since it began operations in 1934 as Consian Air Service with a daily flight to Wuster, Saljbrikjia.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Aerist will launch Wind in quarter 2 of 2010

From the Consi Tribune
Consian car company Aerist announced today that it will launch its new car, the Wind in quarter 2 of 2010. It will be the first car by the company sold outside of the Brikjian Isle.

The car is a hybrid, the first by Aerist, and gets 20.83 kilometers to the liter. The Wind starts at €12,000 and for the diesel variant €13,000.

The Wind is scheduled to go into production the last week of March, and will delivered to Consian Aerist dealers soon after. The car will enter Saljbrikjian and Ajbrikjian market simultaneously.
In July, the car will begin to be sold in the rest of Europe. The Wind will be sold in the following countries: Ajbikjia, Consi, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Saljbrikjia, Slovenia, and Spain.

CEO of Aerist Sierra Lerain is hopeful that the Wind will be successful. "Our employees have been working on this concept ever since we started operations here at Aerist. Now we our taking our operation to a whole new level. We are expanding elsewhere in Europe, and opening 3 new plants across the Brikjian Isle to produce the Wind. The Wind is also one of the first cars to have a diesel hybrid variant, and for a low price too. I think this car will do good in its international debut," she said at a press conference.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

City of Resiburg makes bid for 2011 Winter LN Olympics

The city of Resiburg nestled in the Aderlil Mountains of the Brikjian Isle has made a bid for the 2011 winter LN Olympics. The Brikjian Isle is very mountainous for its size, making good conditions for the winter Olympics, despite Consi being in the Mediterranean Sea.
The bid logo:Venues/ planned venues:
1. Resiburg Stadium - Resiburg Stadium is currently the largest venue in Resiburg with a planned capacity of 30,000. The stadium is being built as the new home of AC Resiburg and a team form a neighboring town Aqila. It is in the final stages of construction and will be finished by mid-2010. The stadium could easily be converted into a place to hold both the opening and closing ceremonies.
2. Olympic Hockey Center - The Olympic Ice Arena one of few hockey stadiums in Consi, and is by far the largest. Home to the best hockey club in Consi, the venue holds 15,000. An extra 2,000 could be added.
3. Olympic Oval - Arena that is used for all kinds of speed skating. holds 12,000 people.
4. Resiburg Ice Arena - Arena used for Figure Skating. Has a capacity of 10,000 people.
5. Planned arena for Curling, capacity of 10,000 people

1. Resiburg Slider Park - Already existing venue for Bobsled, Luge, and Skeleton. Can handle 9,000 people, could be expanded to handle 11,000.
2. Oster East Olympic Park - Proposed olympic park to handle all snowboarding and skicross. Would have a capacity of 10,000 people.
3. Oster Mountain Olympic Alpine Center - An already existing ski center located about 10 kilometers from Resiburg. This center would handle Alpine Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, and Ski Jumping. Would be expanded to handle 15,000 people.
4. Snowflake Olympic Center - Under construction venue to handle Biathlon, Cross-country Skiing, and Nordic Combined. Seating capacity of 13,000.