Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Transportation in Consi: Roadways and Vehicles

Part 1: Roadways
Consi has a roadway system linking the Brikjian Isle. A map of the Brikjian Isle Road system, major roadways shown. Blue lines represent roadways connecting the three countries, and orange lines regional roadways (green sign Consi, yellow sign Ajbrikjia, red sign Saljbrikjia).
Smaller roads with the prefix S connect with various other points on the island (e.g. Consi City to Arali S11), although they are not shown. The main motorways are A2 and A5 which together form a full circle around the island.

Because of the Brikjian Tri-Nation Pact citizens of all three countries are able to travel across without customs.

Part 2: Vehicles
Most cars in Consi are foreign made, but Consi does have one car company called the Aerist Motor Company which manufactures a few models. Aerist sells only on the Brikjian Isle, but has plans to sell the new model, the Wind, in other countries in Europe. The Consi National police Force has many cars by the company, such as this Aerist Lancer:

Scooters and motorcycles are also very popular as a cheaper and smaller alternative for city dwellers. From left to right: Vespas and a pizza delivery scooter.

A mail van.
A red car.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Transportation in Consi: Airlines

Air travel is the main form of transportation to and from Consi, as Consi is an island. The national airline of Consi, Air Consi is the largest airline in Consi, as well as the largest airline of the Brikjian Isle. The logo:

When Lego releases this set in 2010, I'm probably going to get a plane or two for Air Consi.

Air Consi serves the following destinations throughout Europe and North Africa:
- Reaoe
- Consi City
- Olto
- Berlin
- Frankfurt
- Paris (CDG)
Isle of Bricks
- Brickhampton
- Milan
- Casablanca
- Amsterdam
- Palentino
- Wuster
- Madrid
- Tunis

Route map:

Recently started in 2003, Air Consi created a subsidiary called Air Consi Citylink, serving many destinations throughout the Brikjian Isle. The logo:
In 1994, Air Consi created another subsidiary named Air Consi Cargo. The logo:

The airline serves the following destinations:
- Reaoe
- Consi City
- Olto
- Paris (CDG)
- Frankfurt
- Amsterdam
- Wuster

Air Consi is a member of thew Skybrick airline alliance, the alliance of the Lego Nations. The Skybrick Alliance makes it easier to book flights and travel to other LN countries. I'm looking for national airlines from the LN to join! The logo:

UPDATE 12.27.09

Working on a SkyBrick Alliance banner, a WIP. On the banner: Air Consi, Bricktainian Air, Unity Airlines, and Air Stud-i-o. Still need: Legotonian Airlines, Air First, or anyone else who would like to join the SkyBrick Alliance. I can make a logo for anyone who needs one.
UPDATE 12.28.09

Air Consi begins service to Brickhampton in the Isle of Bricks.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Consi Navy Personel

Consi Naval Personel with Naval Working Uniforms based off of this.

Consi Army Personel

I've had these guys for a while now, but who cares.

A standard troop. Is painted by me with a decal, armed with Brickarms M-4.


Grenadier and Machine-gunner.

MocPages --- Fickr Photostream (Several pics in it)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

General Information About Consi

For those of you who have seen my post on the "Introduce Your Nation" thread on the Tabletown forum, I've changed some of stuff and also added a bunch of other things about the nation. Here's the info:

General Country Information
Location: 40N, 7E (area between Sardinia and Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean)
Area: around 3,200 sq km (2,000 sq mi)
Population: 650,000
Capital: Consi City
Largest City: Consi City
Currency: Euro
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French
Climate: Mediterranean

Map of the island that Consi is located on. Consi shares this island with 2 other countries. The island itself has an area of 23,300 sq km (9000 sq mi), which is roughly the size of Maceadonia. Armed Forces
Army: 5000 men and women
Navy: 1500 men and women
Air Force: 500 men and women

1911 - War of Independence begins when Consain separatists declare independence. They are supplied by Southern Salbrikjia.
1913 - After Celghain (later Consi City) is captured, Consians declare victory when Northern Salbrikjia brokers for a cease-fire.
1914-1918 - WWI- Consi secretly supplies arms to the allies.
1921 - The Consain president Wilbur S. Valoser is assassinated by Northern Salbrikjian operatives. Consi then declares war on Northern Salbrikjia. They rapidly advance through the country, catching the forces off guard (as they had not been notified of the possible attack)
1922 - In the early months, the Northern Salbrikjian capital is surrounded. In the bloody 48 hour revolution, the monarchy government is overthrown and a democratic government is installed. The Northern Salbrikjia forces then surrender to Consi forces.
1924 - Consi forces pull out of Northern Salbrikjia. Southern Salbrikjia is renamed Salbrikjia and Northern Salbrikjia is renamed Ajbrikia.
1935 - In a legendary agreement, the three countries create the Tri-Nation Pact, which still applies to this day.
1939-1945 - World War Two breaks out. Consi supplies weapons and supplies to the allies.
1962-1964 - Consi fights the Red Legion communist insurgency. Bombings get the attention of the national government, and the leaders of the group are hunted down and captured.
1990-1991 - Gulf War, Consi sends a company of soldiers. Two are killed and eleven are wounded.
2004 - Consi joins the European Union.
2007 - Charles T. Aveary, the current leader is elected President of Consi.
2008 - Consi joins the Lego Nations.

City Expanding

In the month of July I added several baseplates to the Consi City diorama. The red building is nearing completion, so I also have 2 other big gray baseplates on the way. As this diorama is a long term work in progress, the city is being built slowly. Future plans include a pub, sushi bar, and a market. More updates to come in August.
Small park behind red building.

More water.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome to Consi Blog!

Hi there! Welcome to Consi Blog, where I post Lego creations related to my fictional Lego country Consi. It's military, city, government, or anything else that is related to it.