Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Consi and Bricktania Tie in International Friendly

On a rainy day in Resiburg, Consi tied Bricktania 2 - 2 after coming off a win from the Brikjian Cup final. What started as an even game was broken when Bricktanian striker Fredrick Carmicheal headed the ball to the back of the net in the 15th minute. Consian striker Alexander Greco found a crack in the Brickitanian defense and scored in the 27th minute. After halftime in the 51st minute, a Bricktanian player was yellow carded, awarding Consi a free kick. Consian Striker David Cedia kicked the ball to Sebastian Gomez (Midfielder) who headed it in. Michael Lewis scored again for Bricktania in the 71st minute with a beautiful upper 90 shot from 10 meters outside the box. The game went scoreless from then until the end of the match.

"It was a good game," said Consian midfielder Andre Goodman, "both teams were evenly matched. We tried our best, and they tried theirs. There are certainly things we have to improve on, but I'm happy with our performance today. A tie coming off of the Brikjian Cup is fine by me."

The Consi National Football Team plays Canada on August 18 and the Isle of Bricks in September or October. They are also involved in Euro 2012 qualifiers in group I.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Consi Premier League to Rename

The Consian Premier League announced today that the Consi Premier League would be renamed to the Consian Super League and that Consi Premier 2 would be renamed to Consian Super Division 2.

The New logo

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Consian Airspace Reopens

Consian airspace reopened on the 19th after being closed for nearly 4 and a half days.

The four and a half day back up has cost Air Consi nearly 4 million Euro and left thousands of travelers stuck in Consi. Travelers looking for alternatives tried the ferry Consi to Marseilles, France, although many found that once in mainland Europe the trains were hard to even find tickets for.

Airspace reopened on 19 April and chaos ensued. Travelers that were stranded and travelers that had flights on the day both needed to get on flights. This left flights overbooked.

Things soon got back to normal and now it's business as usual once again in the airspace over Consi.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flights Canceled and Airports Close as Volcanic Ash Disrupts European Air Traffic

All airports in Consi, Saljbrikjia and Ajbrikjia were closed down today as the result of a volcanic ash from the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland. All flights to and from the Brikjian Isle were canceled leaving hundreds of travelers stranded.

The Consi Airport Authority commanded that all airports in Consi be shut down immediately at around 4:00 PM local time, stranding hundreds of travelers at Consi-Arali International Airport and Olto Airport. This is one of only a few time that this command has been given.

A spokesperson for Air Consi said that it had gotten flights numerous flights off, but that flights to the Isle of Bricks and Amsterdam were forced to turn back.

It is unclear when airspace will reopen, although some speculate that flights will be up and running again by the weekend.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Resiburg Stadium Finished

From Resiburg 2011
Resiburg Stadium was officially declared open today after almost 2 years of construction.

Construction finished late last week, but the opening of it was postponed due to heavy rain and snow around the Resiburg area. The stadium will be used by AC Resiburg for one season, and then will close down to be fitted with equipment for the Olympic opening ceremonies and closing ceremonies. After the Olympics it will be used by AC Resiburg.

At the opening of the stadium was chairman of the Consian Olympic Committee Robert Olluy, mayor of Resiburg Jean Flasnick, and many members of the Resiburg Olympic Organizing Committee. At the end of the ceremony , the Olympic flag was raised.

Article on the Resiburg 2011 website.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nistel Inc. of Bricktania opens European HQ in Consi City

Today, Nistel Inc. of Brickitania opened its European headquarters in Consi City, near Piazza Celghain.

The company has paired with Air Consi Cargo and several freight companies which will handle distributing the goods throughout Europe.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Inter-Island High Speed Rail Opens

From the Consi Tribune
A new high speed rail opened today after 5 years of construction. The rail connects all 3 countries in the Brikjian Isle, and stops in most major cities.

The idea was brought up in 2002 by then Ajbrikjian Minister of Transport Michael Forn and all three governments quickly approved of the project. After almost 3 years of planning, the construction started in 2005. The project was delayed in 2006 and 2007 due to economic problems, but started again as the economy healed just as the recession hit hard in the United States.

From Consi City, the rail stops in Arali, then crosses into Saljbrikjia, stopping in Darir, Wuster, and Palentino. After that the rail crosses into Ajbrikjia stopping in Reaoe, and then crosses into Consi, stopping at Olto and Resiburg.

The rail will help with the Resiburg 2011 Lego Nations Olympics, ferrying people from all over the Brikjian Isle, and other spectators from Consi - Arali International Airport to Resiburg.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Resiburg 2011 website

Resiburg 2011 now has a website of its own. Resiburg 2011

Friday, February 5, 2010

Resiburg wins olympic bid

From the Consi Tribune
It was an exiting scene as it was announced that Resiburg had won the bid for the LN Olympics. Flags were waving all over Resiburg and the rest of Consi when at 11:00 A.M. local time it was announced that Resiburg had been chosen to host the 2011 LN Olympics.

The president declared a national holiday, closing all banks and government offices for the day. The president spoke to the press on the bid win. "This is a very exiting day for our country, and I can not express the joy that hosting this event brings to me. On Monday, all planned projects shall hereby commence construction," stated president Aveary.

Projects that will soon begin are the Apland Center for curling in Resiburg, and Oster East Olympic Park, used for Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross. Resiburg Stadium is in the final stages of construction, and will be extended to hold 35,000 people. An additional concourse to Consi-Arali International airport will be built, as well as the renovation of A2.

Ursula Eyrstin spoke in Resiburg after returning from the vote in the Isle of Bricks.
"I am so exited about this great city winning the bid for the Lego Nations Olympics. The games will certainly be good for our country."

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Consi wins in PK shootout thriller in Brikjian Cup final

From the Consi Tribune
Consi won the Brikjian Cup in a thriller today against Saljbrikjia at Wuster National Stadium in Wuster, Saljbrikia. Consi won 2-2 (win in PK shootout).

After advancing to the final Sunday the stage was set for the two teams to play. Ajbrikjia, after a amazing victory over Consi in the final last year did not even make it close to getting into this year's final.

The match started out slow, but David Marland of Saljbrikjia struck first, scoring after a perfect upper 90 shot in the 39th minute. In the 65th minute Oscar Reed a forward Consi was red carded after he received his second yellow card. Consi struck back in the 74th minute when Alexander Reslyn scored and again in the 79th minute with a score by Hans Eyd. Just as it looked like Consi would win Gerard Saceer scored in the 88th minute, tying the score at 2 all. Extra time went scoreless, and the game was all down to a penalty kick shootout. In an intense finale both teams scored all 5 kicks, but Consi prevailed when Hans Eyd scored, and Saljbrikjia failed to come up with a return score.

This is Consi's 16th victory in the Brikjian Cup since the football tournament began in 1971.

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