Friday, January 22, 2010

Aerist will launch Wind in quarter 2 of 2010

From the Consi Tribune
Consian car company Aerist announced today that it will launch its new car, the Wind in quarter 2 of 2010. It will be the first car by the company sold outside of the Brikjian Isle.

The car is a hybrid, the first by Aerist, and gets 20.83 kilometers to the liter. The Wind starts at €12,000 and for the diesel variant €13,000.

The Wind is scheduled to go into production the last week of March, and will delivered to Consian Aerist dealers soon after. The car will enter Saljbrikjian and Ajbrikjian market simultaneously.
In July, the car will begin to be sold in the rest of Europe. The Wind will be sold in the following countries: Ajbikjia, Consi, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Saljbrikjia, Slovenia, and Spain.

CEO of Aerist Sierra Lerain is hopeful that the Wind will be successful. "Our employees have been working on this concept ever since we started operations here at Aerist. Now we our taking our operation to a whole new level. We are expanding elsewhere in Europe, and opening 3 new plants across the Brikjian Isle to produce the Wind. The Wind is also one of the first cars to have a diesel hybrid variant, and for a low price too. I think this car will do good in its international debut," she said at a press conference.

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