Saturday, August 1, 2009

General Information About Consi

For those of you who have seen my post on the "Introduce Your Nation" thread on the Tabletown forum, I've changed some of stuff and also added a bunch of other things about the nation. Here's the info:

General Country Information
Location: 40N, 7E (area between Sardinia and Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean)
Area: around 3,200 sq km (2,000 sq mi)
Population: 650,000
Capital: Consi City
Largest City: Consi City
Currency: Euro
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French
Climate: Mediterranean

Map of the island that Consi is located on. Consi shares this island with 2 other countries. The island itself has an area of 23,300 sq km (9000 sq mi), which is roughly the size of Maceadonia. Armed Forces
Army: 5000 men and women
Navy: 1500 men and women
Air Force: 500 men and women

1911 - War of Independence begins when Consain separatists declare independence. They are supplied by Southern Salbrikjia.
1913 - After Celghain (later Consi City) is captured, Consians declare victory when Northern Salbrikjia brokers for a cease-fire.
1914-1918 - WWI- Consi secretly supplies arms to the allies.
1921 - The Consain president Wilbur S. Valoser is assassinated by Northern Salbrikjian operatives. Consi then declares war on Northern Salbrikjia. They rapidly advance through the country, catching the forces off guard (as they had not been notified of the possible attack)
1922 - In the early months, the Northern Salbrikjian capital is surrounded. In the bloody 48 hour revolution, the monarchy government is overthrown and a democratic government is installed. The Northern Salbrikjia forces then surrender to Consi forces.
1924 - Consi forces pull out of Northern Salbrikjia. Southern Salbrikjia is renamed Salbrikjia and Northern Salbrikjia is renamed Ajbrikia.
1935 - In a legendary agreement, the three countries create the Tri-Nation Pact, which still applies to this day.
1939-1945 - World War Two breaks out. Consi supplies weapons and supplies to the allies.
1962-1964 - Consi fights the Red Legion communist insurgency. Bombings get the attention of the national government, and the leaders of the group are hunted down and captured.
1990-1991 - Gulf War, Consi sends a company of soldiers. Two are killed and eleven are wounded.
2004 - Consi joins the European Union.
2007 - Charles T. Aveary, the current leader is elected President of Consi.
2008 - Consi joins the Lego Nations.

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