Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Transportation in Consi: Roadways and Vehicles

Part 1: Roadways
Consi has a roadway system linking the Brikjian Isle. A map of the Brikjian Isle Road system, major roadways shown. Blue lines represent roadways connecting the three countries, and orange lines regional roadways (green sign Consi, yellow sign Ajbrikjia, red sign Saljbrikjia).
Smaller roads with the prefix S connect with various other points on the island (e.g. Consi City to Arali S11), although they are not shown. The main motorways are A2 and A5 which together form a full circle around the island.

Because of the Brikjian Tri-Nation Pact citizens of all three countries are able to travel across without customs.

Part 2: Vehicles
Most cars in Consi are foreign made, but Consi does have one car company called the Aerist Motor Company which manufactures a few models. Aerist sells only on the Brikjian Isle, but has plans to sell the new model, the Wind, in other countries in Europe. The Consi National police Force has many cars by the company, such as this Aerist Lancer:

Scooters and motorcycles are also very popular as a cheaper and smaller alternative for city dwellers. From left to right: Vespas and a pizza delivery scooter.

A mail van.
A red car.

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